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Bibliotherapy - it's your turn now. You deserve to feel better.

Bibliotherapy for many types of trauma and disorders:

Adolescent girlsReviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls by Mary Pipher

AgingAnother Country, Navigating the Emotional Terrain of our Elders by Mary Pipher

AnorexiaThe Anorexia Diaries: A Mother and Daughter’s Triumph Over Teenage Eating Disorders by Linda and Tara Rio

Anxiety/DepressionThe Feeling Good Handbook by David M. Burns, MD

Borderline Personality DisorderI Hate You, Don’t Leave Me by J. Kreisman and H. Straus

Children’s bibliotherapy – the Carnegie Library has a nice list on many topics

CuttingCut by Patricia McCormick

HappinessHardwiring Happiness by Rick Hansen, the neuroscience of rewiring your brain for contentment and calm.

Meth addiction (parent’s perspective) – Beautiful Boy: A Father’s
Journey Through His Son’s Addiction
by David Sheff

TraumaGetting Past Your Past – by Francine Shapiro about using EMDR to resolve trauma